Adventure #5 – Rally Time

May 22, 2010

Adventure number 5 kicked off with a visit to Riverside Motorsports in Somerville Saturday, will last all summer and will include several other adventures along the way. While I was in getting my inspection sticker I picked up my Ducati Passport and first stamp for this year’s Passport Rally before taking a (very) roundabout route up to Beverley to add a second stamp at Eastern Cycle Ducati.

The New England Desmo Owners Club Passport Rally is, essentially, a friendly competition and excuse to get out and go riding all over the northeast. This is the second year of what we hope to keep going as a running (and growing) event. The rules are pretty simple: ride to as many of the participating dealerships and events as you can and get your passport stamped at each one. At the rally in September everyone turns in their passports and the person with the most stamps in each category wins. This year they’ve added another way to earn points by submitting pictures of our bikes with our passports in front of certain landmarks spread throughout the region. All in all it’s a lot of fun, and finding as many of the places as possible makes for great adventures. For last year’s rally I did a 3-day romp through 5 states collecting stamps as I went, and I’m planning at least 2 or 3 trips for this year.

2 stamps down, a whole lot to go!


Adventure #4 – Enabling Another Adventurer

May 12, 2010

I took last Friday off to adventure, and ended up going on a completely different adventure than I had planned. I had planned on spending that beautiful, sunny day out on my own kicking off a summer long adventure I have planned. I was all geared up, helmet in hand and walking to the door when I received a text text that changed my plans for the day. Taking someone out for an adventure of their own? Of course I was up for it!

A friend had posted her list of adventures she wants to have this summer and I had offered to help with a couple, particularly helping her learn to ride her scooter and taking her on her first trip to a firing range. Friday was her only day off for the weekend so I got changed, grabbed my range bag and headed out to pick her up. When we got to the range I gave her a basic firearms safety overview, showed her how to load and aim a pistol and how the safety on it worked, and set her up with her first target. At first hitting the target at all was more a matter of luck than anything (as is the case for most people who have never fired a gun before), but with a bit of coaching and practice she improved a lot. By the end of the day she was consistently hitting the inner rings of the target and hit her first center-dot bulls-eye!

We both had a lot of fun, and we each got to check an adventure off of our lists. I also sent her the link to The Year of 52 Adventures and encouraged her to check it out. She looked at my list and told me she wants to try dancing lessons as well, so it looks like I’m going to have a partner in crime for at least one more of the adventures on my list.

Adventure #3 – Catching up with an old friend

May 11, 2010

Technically this adventure began a few months ago when Lisa found me on Facebook, but it wasn’t until a few days ago that we finally got to sit down and talk face to face again.  We met in 1993 and were close friends all through high school. We went to different schools and were a year apart, but because we dated each others friends we went to the same semi formals and proms. (Admittedly, I may have scared off one or two guys she had crushes on…ok, maybe 3 or 4…certainly not more than 5 or 6…)

When I headed off to college in 96 we still got to hang out on the occasional weekend that I was home, and I went to her prom with one of her friends, but life and distance kept pushing us further apart. The summer of 97 we tried to hang out more, but summer jobs and life in general kept getting in the way. When we headed off to our respective colleges in the fall we both just seemed too busy with everything going on in our own worlds to be able to keep in touch and just sort of drifted away. The last time I saw her was December of 98.

Well, the last time until now that is. Flash forward 11 years to last fall, when another friend I hadn’t seen in over a decade found me on Facebook. Kristin either stayed in touch with or had reconnected with a lot of the people we were friends with back then, and since she found me we’ve been catching up, hanging out and become great friends again. Lisa found me through Kristin, and we’ve been talking online and on the phone since, catching up on the past decade and the directions life has taken us. She lives in LA now, but comes back to MA to visit her family a couple of times a year, and we decided that on her next visit we had to sit down for a long overdue beer and catch up.

Last Thursday she landed at Logan for a week long visit. She, Kristin and I made plans to meet up at The Sunset Grill and Tap on Thursday night, and I admit that I was both excited and nervous to finally get to hang out again. A lot changes in 11 years. Sure we had started talking on the phone again a couple of months ago, but when we actually saw each other in person would it end up being one of those situations where you see someone you used to know and try to rekindle the friendship only to realize that you’ve both changed so much you no longer have anything in common and it just gets awkward? Kristin and I arrived first and were finally figuring out what to order for out first round (no small feat in a bar that has somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 kinds of beer) when Lisa and her brother arrived. There were several kind of awkward seconds with the whole “wow, I can’t believe we’re finally seeing each other again after all these years!” and then….

…right back into the old routine! Joking, teasing, easy conversation. Inside jokes and comments that would make no sense to anyone who didn’t hang out with us back in high school. We had a great time reminiscing and getting caught up, and made plans to get together a couple more times while she is out here.

We also finally had our first beer together, a toast more than a decade overdue.

Adventure #2 – Sunrise

April 30, 2010

Today my adventure was the result of accident and circumstance rather than planning and intention. Today I got to do something I only manage to do once every few years.

Today I sat out on the breakers and watched the sun rise over the Atlantic.

There have been many, many times when I have been out all night and not gotten home until the sun had risen. It was much more common in high school and college, but it still happens from time to time now that I am “grown up”. But of all those times that I was awake when the sun came up, either because I had already woken up or because I was still up, I have only sat and watched the sun rise less than a dozen times. Every single time I have been amazed. If you live on the east coast, or near enough to the east coast to make this a possibility, do yourself a favor and head down to the waterfront some morning to witness the ocean being lit on fire by the rising sun. Watch as green turns to yellow and orange and red and revel in the breaking of a new day.

And here we go…

April 22, 2010

Hello, and welcome to anyone who happens to land on this page! While this isn’t my first blog, it will hopefully be the one that I actually stick with.  I’d say this time there is a better chance of keeping this rolling because I am starting it as part of something instead of just as a random bit of throwing things out into the ether.

I created this after finding The Year of 52 Adventures and realizing, “Yah, this is something I want to be a part of!” If you haven’t heard of it, take some time to check it out. I’ll be posting both here and on that page as I go through my own adventures, but whereas I will only be posting things relative to the Year of 52 Adventures over there I will also be posting other things here.

So welcome to my world and whatever ramblings manage to make their way from my mind to my keyboard.